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About BudgetMath.com

Our goal is to provide the quickest & easiest way for people to create a financial budget (and manage their money). BudgetMath© basically does the same thing a "financial advisor" would do for you. Financial advisors are great but also very costly! And you could manage your finances by hand, but keeping track of everything and calculating all necessary figures is incredibly tedious.

That's why we developed BudgetMath©. It's very carefully designed to require as little time & effort from you as possible. All you need to do is enter four things:

1) Your Income
2) Your Recurring Expenses
3) Your Financial Assets (optional)
4) A Savings Goal (optional)

Just enter the above information and BudgetMath does the rest. It only takes a few minutes and we guarantee it will enlighten you!

Our system can be used for:

  • An individual's personal finances
  • A family or household budget
  • Managing the finances of a small business

BudgetMath© REALLY DOES WORK! But you must be sure to keep the following in mind:

1) Enter ALL your expenses, don't leave anything out!


2) Enter all sources of your income and savings.

If you can provide real data for the above, this program can't NOT help you. The algorithm has been tested time and time again. BudgetMath© can really help you achieve financial success!