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Many people say "How can BudgetMath help me? Quicken has everthing I need". But BudgetMath takes a very different approach towards budgeting your finances and saving you money! It automatically creates a complete budget as well as a "financial plan" tailored your financial needs. A Budget and A "Financial Plan" are slightly different. yet extremely valuable -- they go hand-in-hand. So we combined them in a completely unique way. It's like having a super smart financial advisor working for you. And since we know you're trying to SAVE money, we only charge $4.99/per YEAR (not per month). But you can start now for free! For screen shots of BudgetMath: Click here. For a live sample budget: Click here.

You WON'T find a tool like BudgetMath© anywhere else!

Many people don't understand why they can't save any money. The main reason for this is: They don't know how much discretionary income they have. That's why we've developed this system which not only calculates your discretionary income, but also provides you with a complete financial plan.

A "Bird's Eye View" of your fiancial situation

In just minutes, create your (personal, household, or business) budget/financial plan which provides you with loads of useful information like:

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After creating a budget/plan, it can be saved, accessed later, & edited.

If your income changes, or your expenses change, they can be edited and new results are produced automatically!

You can also print the results in an easy-to-read format.

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